10 Cement Tile Bathrooms That Will Stop You in Your Tracks (574 อ่าน)

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Cemented beauties for your bathroom

Bathrooms are intrinsic parts of the living experience in your home. In fact, even guests are more likely to visit the bathrooms than, say, your bedroom or kitchen. They take high and frequent foot traffic and deal with high water content. Over the years, as the bathroom space has been redefined as a personal space as well as one which sets the statement for the whole house, it has become a growing trend to pep up its look!

Some years ago, no one wanted the cement look as it was considered old-fashioned by many, but with the availability of colourful tile designs, that changed. However, the cement look remained popular among many others, including businesses and commercial establishments, and is now becoming trendy. In fact, they have become a hot favourite with most designers.

Cement tiles can add the quality of timelessness to your place along with beauty and sturdiness. From times unknown, interior designers and home-owners have been undeniably selecting cement tiles, whether it was for commercial purposes or for residential spaces. Their application to the commercial spaces is an obvious choice, because of the quality and resilience they carry. However, the reason that they are an equally obvious choice for residential areas is that they carry a very authentic and homely feel, which becomes a part of the complete home look! Their durability and ease of maintenance make them one of the best choices as far as spaces at home are concerned!

Here are 10 cemented tiles which will add to the beauty of your home and bring that old world charm to your abode. These surely give a tough competition to almost all their contemporaries.

1. A chemistry with the geometry:

Geometrical shapes have been creating a mystical beauty since times immemorial. The beautiful grey and softer hues can be interspersed so as to create a feeling of luxurious hotels. The softer geometrical shapes have a major role to play when it comes to adding those patterns to your bathroom. Both the manufacturers and designers are experimenting widely with the trends and shapes of the tiles. Adding trapeziums or may be rhombuses to your abode will give it that much-needed twist and up its style quotient.

2. Keep yellow at bay for the sunny parts:

Yellow can add a very rustic quality to your abode. Having contrasting colours with yellow in your bathroom will make it shine bright and bring a sheen to it. This oriental shade will add an extra charm to those glass accessories and the blacks in the room, whether it is the accent wall or the shower backsplashes. It will also add the much-needed brightness to your space.

3. Bursting blues:

An amalgamation of the contemporary with the retro is definitely an in thing, now and forever. The blue hexagonal orientbell tiles, which are actually a mix of both the primitive and modern, are truly a beauty when added to your bathrooms. These hexagonal patterns may add to the life of the bathroom. You may end up feeling that the heavens have come down on earth, that too under your feet!

4. Black is black:

Black is one shade that can be added almost anywhere to give a very authentic and elegant look. Black cement tiles can make the bathroom light up with power and beauty. The colour, as everyone knows, helps make a bold statement. What will add further to the beauty could be the contrast of white or other lighter hues which can give the bathroom that contrasting effect, even giving it a more spacious look.

5. Beach lovers? Create the effect at home!

If you are a beach lover, the different shades of greens and blues will definitely make you skip a beat. This is where the blue-green patterned collection of cement tiles come in very handy. You can create that effect with these tiles in your own home. For some, this might seem very dramatic and over-the-top, but for others, it is just a perfect place at home to feel the beachy vibes!

6. Ethnic beauty:

Not everything that is modern is the best. A completely modernized bathroom that looks just like a replica of a hotel restroom might not be the apt choice for a lot of families, considering the functionality and usage perspective. Looking at that, the black and white stars which make a beautiful pattern, are an excellent choice as far as the concrete tiles go. Cement tiles give that ethnic look that many people prefer.

7. Life is a circle:

Concrete tiles have a subtle beauty to them. They have been eternally calling out to people for thinking bigger and in terms of beautiful shapes. Creating a circular black and white pattern may come in very handy and gives a very open and spacious look to the bathroom. Cement tiles can help you create an elegant pattern like that. What is better is that the décor can be very easily changed!

8. Go green:

Nature obviously carries an eternal beauty, and that is where the green shade would be a beautiful asset to your bathroom. Not everyone is a patron of whites and blacks. Give your bathroom the greener pasture looks and pair it up with supporting décor and accessories. It helps you keep yourself associated with natural surroundings and, thus, staying peaceful. Green is bright as well as subtle so if you want a combination of both, go for it.

9. Go funky:

The best part about cemented concrete tiles is that they are available in many funkier-looking options too. You can make your bathroom look funky and lively by adding a splash of colours and decide on different designs, and not just the typical geometric patterns. This will not only help you give a different statement to the bathroom but will also convert your space into a more informal one, giving it a more modern look. So don’t think cement tiles will make your home look traditional; there are modern options to look for too.

10. Honeycomb effect:

A very typical honeycomb gives the space a very indigenous, yet modernized look. You can create a contrasting effect between the actual design and the grouting which is added later. This can easily make any place look charming. This effect has been an all-time favourite for designers and is still recommended to add to the versatility of the space.

Concrete-based tiles are an evergreen concept! Moreover, all the above-mentioned designs are sure to give that little extra oomph factor to your bathroom which will stay on with you for more than many decades to come! Add sturdiness as well as beauty to your home surroundings by opting for cement tiles.





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