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The King of Floor Tiles - Double Charge Tiles

Matchless Double Charge Floor Tiles

The Undisputed Ruler of Floor Tiles - Double Charge Tiles

Floors are the most significant design element of your home and commercial space décor. While planning new construction or a revamp of your existing spaces, selecting a viable flooring option is essential in terms of practicality as well as visual appeal.

There are several options of floor tiles that are available and each has to offer diverse features and distinctive benefits. Selecting the right kind of flooring for your residential or commercial space can be quite a task. The floor design, colour, and style have an instant impact on the visitors of that space. It should always look elegant and well-maintained. Apart from the aesthetic requirements, durability, practicality, and budget are the chief deciding factors while selecting a floor tile.

A huge range of floor tiles is there in the market such as ceramic floor tiles, porcelain tiles, vitrified tiles, glazed vitrified tiles, polished and glazed vitrified tiles, full body vitrified tiles, and double charge vitrified tiles. There is also a countless number of colour, pattern, texture, and finish options to choose from.

Double charge vitrified tile is unquestionably the king of modern floor tiles in terms of the features and advantages it offers in comparison to its counterparts. The strength, durability, aesthetic value, resistance to water and stains, easy installation, and low maintenance offered by double charge tiles are beyond comparison and thus make it the most preferred floor tile.

What are Double Charge floor tiles?

Before we explain what are double-charged vitrified tiles, it is important to know what a vitrified tile is and how it is made. Vitrified tiles are made by using a mixture of fine materials like clay, silica, quartz, and feldspar. The process of vitrification makes the tile extremely low porous and its surface stronger and shiny, serving as an effective substitute to tiles made out of marble and granite.

Double vitrified tiles are manufactured by merging two layers of vitrified tiles, which makes them thicker than the standard tiles. This process produces tiles with strong tile surfaces. Double charged vitrified tiles are usually 3-4 mm thicker than normal tiles.

Double charge tile is made to last and is the most premium kind of vitrified tiles. When it comes to strength and durability, no other tile even comes any closer to the double charge tiles. It is the strongest of all the available floor tile options, even stronger than full-body vitrified tiles.

Glazed vitrified tiles and polished glazed vitrified tiles offer beauty with moderate strength. But if you are looking for a floor for a long-lasting purpose, then always choose double charge tiles.

Glazed vitrified tiles and polished Bathroom tiles have only 1 to 2 mm of glazed layer on their surface and the designs are digitally printed over it. However, in double charge tiles, the design is part of the body and not just a print on the surface of the tile. The top layer design of a double charge tile is the mixture of raw material infused with colour pigment pressed to the underneath layer with extremely high pressure.

To better understand the difference, think of two different types of fabric, one has a beautiful design printed on it while the other one has the design woven with the thread itself. Naturally, the design on the first fabric may gradually become dull or faded over time, on the other hand, the second fabric will never lose its design as it is part of its structure. The same is the difference between the regular tiles and double charge tiles.

Even with very low maintenance and easy cleaning, these tiles retain their shine and appearance for years, making them a perfect floor option for heavy foot traffic areas. There are several advantages offered by the vigorous double charged tiles that make them the best-fit and a popular choice, especially for the high footfall and busy outdoor areas such as schools, banks, libraries, airports, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, malls, and other corporate and commercial places.

Special features of double charged tiles:

Premium vitrified tile

Most robust and durable tile

Best colour performance

Easy to clean and maintain

Water and frost resistant

Stain and scratch proof

Prevents accumulation of dirt and dust on the surface

Maintains its sheen for years

Best performance in high traffic spaces

Countless design, colour, and finish options

Double charged floor tiles are the best-fit and most favoured choice for flooring in both commercial as well as residential projects. These tiles are very robust and can easily withstand heavy traffic while maintaining their sheen for decades. They respond tremendously well under the extreme challenges faced by areas with heavy footfall and rough usage also.

Low-maintenance, long-lasting, fantastic colour performance, extremely durable, water-resistant, and anti-stain are just some of the features that describe these wonderful tiles. With such benefits at their disposal, double charge floor tiles are not only a great option for residential spaces but also equally amazing to be put to use in many commercial places, such as banks, airports, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, malls, and public spaces.

The exquisite range of double charge floor tiles by Orientbell offers you strength and durability along with a premium look for the floors of your contemporary homes and other places. Beautiful options from light to dark colour palette are available in the new Canto series and Zenith series brought to you by Orientbell.

You can also mix and match different double charge tile colours and create a unique look for your spaces. Merlin crema or Lustro brown, River Pearl or River Blue, Star Gold or Tropicana Natura, Zen Mars Charcoal Red to Zen Jupiter Beige, the colours and design ideas are endless and the choice is yours. Upgrade your living space or design your office with this ultimate range of tiles specially curated for those who admire luxury.

Double charge floor tile price

Though the price of double charged vitrified tiles is slightly more than the other tiles like porcelain or ceramic, given the superior quality, performance and durability, they are incredibly reasonable and value for money.

You can pick the perfect and affordable double charge tiles from Orientbell’s exquisite range of double charge tiles that are truly enchanting and irresistible. The finely processed tiles, with an urbane colour scheme and alluring designs, will surely bring luxury and sophistication to your spaces.









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